Come hang out with me in the Village!

Let’s get away from the cacophony and chaos of other online spaces.
I founded Athena Village to be an online community of
💜 heart-centered + soul-Led women 📖 sharing authentic stories
 💭 asking thoughtful questions 🙋🏽‍♀️ having soulful conversations 🎙
and collectively supporting one another in our ventures.


Athena Village is a women-led collective of artists, authors, coaches, healers, makers, teachers, and collaborative-minded entrepreneurs who want to gather in the community, build heartfelt connections and contribute to meaningful conversation.

Our private online community is for like-valued women (and men) who crave connection, collaboration and creativity–and who never want to stop learning.

We are some of the best, most inspiring, forward-thinking, fun, and creative women leaders together in one place. (Should I add humble to the list 😉)

What makes this community different:

When we’re all hanging out in the HOME feed–which we call the “Village Square”– where WHO we are is more important than what we DO.

We’re all just women who’ve been where you are. We’re having conversations. Sharing experiences.

No should-ing

No one’s “should-ing” on you.  We avoid the word “should” and that’s a hard habit to break! (hmmm maybe we have a “should jar? 🤔)

We stay away from the “MY way is THE way” thing. Instead we recognize that each of us has our own unique “creative rhythm” and recognize what works for ourselves. And trial and error is sometimes the way to find that.

Window Shopping

You don’t have to join a bunch of different online communities – or feel like you have to choose just one – this can be your go-to community for learning, creating, ideas and collaboration among people who share your values – but not necessarily like-minded. We may have different 💡 ideas, and that’s where the conversations get good!

Who We Are

The Village started out as So Do It! Society in 2016 and transitioned into Athena Village in 2020. 

Great timing! Right as the world was turning upside down.

I decided I wanted to build something that was built for more than just me, and my clients. Something that served a collective. I believe we thrive when we work together…  

Like many, we believe that the world will be a better place when the values traditionally associated with women are more widely seen in our leaders. To make that happen, we need to support each other.

We are a diverse group – mostly women. Some own businesses, some have jobs. Single, partnered, or married. Some of us are starting out, some reinventing, and some looking at retirement.

Whatever stage, age, or situation, we’re all curious women with dreams and ideas. This dynamic and growing community – Athena Village – is for all of us. A place to have important conversations, to create “circular mentorships” and most importantly, to have fun!

Throughout my years of working with women, I’ve been reminded over and over that we are great at shining the light on others, forgetting to illuminate ourselves.

We do this as sisters, moms and partners.  In our professional lives and our communities.  Our own essential coolness, our mojo, sits on the shelf, or worse, we forget where we put it or even remember what “it” is! 

Ladies, we are natural leaders. We have mojo. It’s the essence of “who you are at your core.” Step into the spotlight!

– Kelly Pratt, Athena Village founder

In *BECOMING ATHENA Martha Mertz states that

“women’s natural leadership style is “… not codified in business schools or mandated in corporate manuals; [it is] … drawn, unselfconsciously, from centuries-old practices learned at grandmothers’ knees… so second-nature that… the principles went with them, shaping and guiding all they did.”

And the authors of THE ATHENA DOCTRINE found that 64,000 people in 13 countries believed the world will be a better place if our leaders emphasized “cooperation, communication, and sharing”– the characteristics associated with “feminine” leadership.