What People Are Saying

Mastermind Participant/Author

Jackie Jenson

Kelly is a master at cutting through the clutter and getting to what matters most …

Mastermind Participant/Author

Megan Hagel

Attending the group coaching withKelly was one of the best thing I have ever done in my business…

Workshop Participant

Soma Datta

Thank you, Kelly, for helping me break through the clutter of my day so I can get more done…

Coaching Client

Sandy Ben Haim

Coaching with Kelly led me to do some deep down and dirty introspection. … I am now embracing what I have, what I do, and who I am. What a relief!

Journal Recipient

Florence Moyer

… darned if the (visual journaling) process isn’t doing just what Kelly predicted: it’s changing my life.

Journal Recipient

Sheila Whittington

Oh my gosh girl! Your journals ROCKED!!! … THANK YOU for making the conference so amazingly accessible to everyone with your journal!

Salon Member | Author

Sandy Ben Haim

Having our Salon was a great amount of fun. It’s was the inspiration and camaraderie we needed to finally get our book done!

Salon Member

Nancy Hendrickson

I loved being with a group of women – women with like-values – who are all trying to achieve something. The accountability is great. Everyone is so supportive.

Salon Member

Sheri Bennefeld

Having my Salon was a great opportunity to keep focused on what I wanted to be doing and actually gettin’ it done!

Salon Member

Chrissy Rasmussen

Your Salon is there to encourage you, to inform you. It’s an amazing place for resources and meaningful connections.