Your life is a work of art. You are the artist.

And your calendar is your canvas.

If someone looked at your calendar, would they be able to tell what you LOVE?  Or would they see what you DO?

It’s time to paint a picture of a life you love.  To do that you need to know your natural rhythms.  How and when you do your best work.  When you are at your most creative.

Only when you know and honor your own natural rhythms will you truly be able to take inspired creative action.  Hone your daily practices to support your true rhythms and the masterpiece that is your life will have the right and perfect colors and just enough white space.

Your life is like good 4 part harmony.  One day you’re working in concert with others.  The next day you have a solo. After that you are the leader of the ensemble taking the melody. It is ever-changing, but if you’re mindful of your own rhythm, you will always be in harmony.

Stop allowing your schedule to be the boss of you. Your life symphony needs a conductor. That’s you!

“Kelly Pratt is a wildly creative soul.
If you’re a “right brain thinker,” whose life revolves around invention or performance
(in business, art, or life), she’ll fuel your passion and cheer on your efforts.
If you’d love to be more creative, but feel shut down by fears or circumstances,
she’ll unlock the cage and set you free. Either way, you’ll have a ton of fun.”

– Martha Beck, best-selling author, O The Oprah Magazine monthly columnist

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