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One day, while hanging out at a bookstore, I was drawn to a book called THE CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR by Lisa Sonora Beam. Really?! We can be both creative AND an entrepreneur?

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Jack + Louie xoxo

Then, that same day, I read an article in O Magazine – that said “We Should All  “work like dogs All the time” by Dr. Martha Beck.  Have you ever actually watched a dog?”  Dogs only do what comes “most naturally, reflexively, effortlessly.”

I changed my direction that day and followed what  came naturally, reflexively, effortlessly to me.  Well, to be honest, it hasn’t all been effortless!  But fun? Rewarding?  Yes!

I was personally trained by Dr. Martha Beck to “.. to clear away the obstacles that are blocking people’s best selves. We add nothing, we simply subtract what isn’t working. The essential self that remains is far more sophisticated, intelligent, and beautiful than anything we could dream up.”

I’ll help you find the symphony between your special gifts, passions and talents, and the people who need you.

My Philosophy and About Kelly pages will tell you a lot about who I am.  So will a couple of my blog posts – like the one where I talk about my journey guided by the red-winged blackbird.

In the meantime, here’s a MAP OF ME! I love maps of all kinds… and I think in pictures so I’m constantly mind-mapping … enjoy!

Note: click on the image to have the map POP OUT for clearer viewing! or click here to see explore it on Xmind!

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