“I hate structure. I want freedom!” 

But creative entrepreneurs need systems, structure + personal rituals to support their creative lives…

Freedom is not the same thing as “free time.” Like a dog with a scent, one thing leads to another and another and another. You look back at the end of your day feeling unfulfilled, even anxious, about how you’ve spent your time. And, I’m willing to bet, you haven’t taken time to create.

Ephem·era  noun \i-ˈfe-mər-ə, -ˈfem-rə\  Items of collectible memorabilia that were meant to have only short-term usefulness such as tickets, bookmarks, greeting cards, letters, pamphlets, postcards, or posters.

Ephemera in it’s physical form is often useful to artists for their creative endeavors.  However “mental ephemera” can be extremely distracting. But declutter your mind, your personal space and give yourself systems, structure + personal rituals and you’ll tame the mental ephemera and you miraculously begin to “find the time” to make your dreams a reality. Really!

Now that’s freedom!

Does this sounds like you?

Enemies of the creativity: Inertia (top) virtual rabbit trails (bottom)

You work for yourself, have free time, but still don’t find the time to pursue your passion.

You used to love music. Now, you forget to turn it on.

You have too many should-dos and not enough get-to-dos.

You feel anxious when you think of all your little responsibilities, your “mental ephemera.”

You don’t write in your journal anymore or when you do, it’s full of angst and negativity.

You no longer feel the joy of creating.

You look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself.

Time to find your Creative Rhythm.

Life gets in the way with all sorts of “mental ephemera” – the bits and pieces of responsibility and shoulds that we can’t seem to get away from.

By creating our own practices and rituals you’ll capture your “mental ephemera” – thoughts, dreams, get-to-dos and ideas – and are able to relax into your creative rhythm.

You’d hire a personal trainer to help you change your body, make the same investment in your life.

Unlock your true creative potential to make your life or business more joyful, rewarding and abundant.

“I will walk you through a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential.   Long-buried dreams will become real again, hidden potential realized, and goals will become not only possible but attainable.
“Using inquiry, mind-maps, visual journaling and other creative tools, we will design systems, daily practices and personal rituals to create a vibrant abundant life with plenty of breathing space.”   — Kelly



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