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Cakewalk: The Science of Happy

case study


Cj and her granddaughter, Lily, had a dream to create a book together.  It would include photos by Lily and they would write the copy together.  They’d been working on it for a while, but it kept getting relegated to the back burner.  When Cj learned of the So Do It! Salons, she decided this was her “IT” – she wanted to get their book done! So she and Lily joined a salon and together focused  on this legacy project.  

At the end of the 13 weeks, they had a manuscript draft. But thought “what now?”  


Solution & Impact

That’s where Kelly, the book doula, came into the picture.  Together we worked through the publishing journey, I hooked her up with a fabulous designer and editor Heidi Miller and a wonderful woman owned Printer/publisher,

Since publishing CAKEWALK Lily and Cj have taken it to the streets!  They’ve been talking to youth and adults alike about creating their own reality using this methold


My Role

  • Process Advisor
  • Publishing Advisor
  • Connector to Talent
  • “Talk2Think” Idea sounding board

We worked together on this project from the Salon through to it’s “coming out party” at a Showcase!  I was there every step of the way, connecting Cj and Lily with talent, sharing my knowledge and experiences of the publishing industry.  And being a sounding board for them as the worked on how to have the greatest impact with CAKEWALK.

The So, do it! Salon was meant to be for me! Not only could I have the support of a group of fabulous, like-minded, women to encourage and cheer this project, and I could also do so for them, but in that group I found our “book doula” Kelly Pratt! She was just that, she helped us give birth to our wonderful book!! We could not have done it without her….

— Cj Staples