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DANCING IN MY KITCHEN: A Sublimation of Anger  by Janet C. Pratt

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Dancing in my Kitchen: A Sublimation of Anger by Janet C. Pratt. An intimate glimpse at a life of living, learning, loving, struggling and surviving by writing & dancing in the kitchen.

“Dancing in the Kitchen examines and reflects a woman’s life of parenting, caretaking, marriage and dealing with addiction – a good read!” – Greg C., a longtime friend of Bill W.

“A kitchen is the appropriate motif for Janet’s memoir. But who knew such disparate ingredients culled from that garden we call Real Life could serve up such a savory dish, one that satisfies and sustains. Whether in dirge or lighter tune, with intricate detail, Janet leads her reader in a dance through her long life, well-lived, and wonderfully written.” – Mary Kessler, writer/poet and Tim Kessler, author When God Made The Dakotas

243 pages. 5.5″ x 8.5″

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