More Kudos…

If you’re a type-A personality like me, you need to talk to Kelly. When I first heard her speak at a Women In Networking event, she shared the tip that my to-do list must have only 1 – 3 things on it each day. THREE!

I put my trust in her expertise and have a list of only three things that I focus on each day. I’ve found I get much more done and with less stress. Why? I only have to focus on my list of three, but in and around it, I’m able to complete more. Thank you, Kelly, for helping me break through the clutter of my day so I can get more done. somaxdatta

Soma Datta

Leadership Development | Organizational Change | Author | Speaker, [TALK ATTENDEE]

After just a couple of sessions of our creative mastermind, I quickly realized I should have done this years ago. Kelly helped me dust off my creative passions and put them to work in a fulfilling business endeavor.  I just needed a little coaching to put my dreams into motion, ultimately giving my work life a creative new purpose.

Kelly is a master at cutting through the clutter and getting to what matters most to propel your dream or business, offering an inspired practical path to its success.  Coaching is not a pep talk in the 9th inning, it’s a strategy to live, work, create and play each day.  Don’t wait: start living your dream life today. Put Kelly’s experience, creativity and persistence to work for you.

Jackie Jenson, Children’s Book Author, Freelance Writer, Educator

Author of Jon and the Soggy Leaf with illustrator Megan Hagel , [MEMBER Creative Mastermind | Publishing Client]

The three “C’s” about Kelly: Creative, Connected and Compassionate.

Creative — my home would not be the perfect reflection of my personality without Kelly’s direct involvement.

Connected — the girl absolutely knows everyone! She’s a master at putting people together in ways that enrich everyone.

Compassionate — ever the thoughtful listener, asking just the right question that makes you think about things differently. She’s also passionate about everything she gets involved with.

Competence to spare, confident and current. — three more “C’s” that describe Kelly.

Terry Kalil

Independent Public Relations and Communications, [HOME DESIGN CLIENT]


I’m loving this Artist’s Way cluster….feels like things are starting to flow for me…..maybe the ice jam is beginning to thaw! ‘I’m so excited’ Thank you again!!

Tama Smith

Professional Potter, Prairie Fire Pottery, [VIRTUAL ARTISTS WAY PARTICIPANT]

I really enjoyed the [visual journaling] class today – it got me thinking about my photography and (upcoming) web site in a whole new way, and gave me some new direction for expressing my ideas.

You’d mentioned ‘mind mapping’  So many tools, so little time.

Chris Happel

Computer dude, photographer and pilot., [VISUAL JOURNALING CLASS]

Oh my gosh girl! Your journals ROCKED!!! I cannot rave enough about them. Everyone was using them throughout the conference. Far and away the best thing in the goody bag. You are amazing! THANK YOU for making the conference so amazingly accessible to everyone with your journal!

It truly was one of the best things at the conference. You ROCKED it, Kelly!! Congratulations – and here’s another cyber hug to boot!!!

Sheila Whittington

Master Life Coach, [JOURNAL RECIPIENT]


My think-out-loud coaching experience with Kelly led me to do some deep down and dirty introspection. What I found was I’d spent the last 3 years of my life rejecting and resisting the present. I am now embracing what I have, what I do, and who I am. What a relief!

Sandy Ben Haim

Artist, Art Educator, [COACHING CLIENT]

Kelly’s ‘Ignite’ sessions provide a positive forum for lively, yet relevant discussion with like-minded, creative-types. The group also provides a standard of accountability for setting and reaching my artistic goals. Kelly is a Creative Catalyst indeed!

Carmen McCullough

Mixed Media Artist, Author, [CREATIVE MASTERMIND]

Kelly is a very creative, detail-oriented and able to manage the big picture at the same time. She has developed contacts around the community and around the country. She has a very effective communication style and works tirelessly for the good of others.

Julie Hartley

Freelance Feature Film Line Producer and UPM, [FILM INDUSTRY COLLEAGUE]

Kelly’s creativity and intuition bring out the best in the clients and organizations she serves. She passionately attacks every challenge and causes people to reach levels beyond their expectations. Get to know her, you will love her.  donthorpeconsultant

Don Thorpe

Motivating Force | Franchise Authority | Customer Experience Ace, [CREATIVE MASTERMIND]

My clients are loving having a personal journal – having everything in one place I am just going through the creative process with Kelly to create a branded journal and I am tickled pink! Kelly is an expert, extremely easy to work with and delivers more than she promises.

I have been wanting a physical journal to give or sell to my clients as well sell on my website for non-clients for years. We are in our final edits now and I am enthusiastically pleased and excited beyond words. Talk to her about what she can do for you!

Debby Werthmann

Executive, Master Life Coach, [CUSTOM DESIGNED JOURNAL]

Kelly is extremely creative at creating connections and helping people collaborate and work together. She is resourceful and adept at tackling new projects and working for solutions, approaching projects with enthusiasm and dedication. amy-stearns

Amy Stoller Stearns

Historic Holmes Theatre, Executive Director, [COLLEAGUE]

I had the pleasure of working with Kelly while I was Director of Tourism for the Minnesota Office of Tourism / State of Minnesota and she was with the Minnesota Film Board – another state agency.

Kelly has strong relationship building skills, project management, and program development skills that are second to none. In her role with the Minnesota Film Board, Kelly consistently delivered measurable results while working with key stakeholders and diverse constituencies alike. Kelly’s “can-do” attitude and communications skills are readily apparent, and I can recommend her with enthusiasm for any potential opportunity.  steve-markuson

Steve Markuson

Strategic Marketing Executive, [FILM INDUSTRY COLLEAGUE]

I’m having a blast with my visual journal and I just posted on my blog about some of the things I’m learning from it. Hope you enjoy it and that I’m representing your ideas well.

from Flo’s blog post:

I learned about visual journaling from Life Coach Kelly Pratt and the program book/journal she generously contributed to the swag bags at the 2010 Martha Beck Coaches’ Convention. Kelly’s creation is beautiful, even if almost none of the pages are lined. And even if we’re encouraged to draw as well as write in it. Seriously?… [read more] 


Florence Moyer

Executive Coach & Career Strategist, Writer, Speaker, Choral Musician, Bunny Lover, [CUSTOM JOURNAL RECIPIENT]

Kelly combines her artistic vision with the focus and dedication to get wonderful things accomplished. She is an excellent facilitator and organizer, especially in working with other highly creative people. I participated in one of her visual journaling workshops and was impressed with her insightful presentation style, her handling of individual and group interactions, and her innovative use of technology to connect us with other presenters elsewhere in the country.

With visual journaling, Kelly helped me discover a process far more intriguing and creative. When I reflect back on the images, phrases, and insights collected during the session, I am energized to move forward with my dreams and goals. Kelly, thank you for the great inspiration provided in this “brief intermission.”

Amy Richardson

Artist/Communications Professional, [VISUAL JOURNALING RETREAT]

I thought I would touch base with you all [in my Artists Way group] and let you know some of the things I’ve been slowly digesting and fitting into what I’d call my less than planned out future.

The first thing I noticed was that I just haven’t been able to get past that chapter about ambition and directions. I’m caught up on my reading but I seriously couldn’t find a single comment to make on this week’s chapter – that is pretty strange for me because I like words soooo, this got me thinking that maybe the reason I’m having such a hard time with the ambition part is that its a false trail.

Last time I was on the call Lailey and Kelly recommended that I try to see my future in terms of how I would feel vs where I would be.

This exercise made me realize that as far as work goes, I’m already there! All the things I’d like to feel in the future I pretty much have now so….this thought made me question why I am chasing this particular issue so persistently.

I have come to understand that its really only because at my experience and job level, other people go the route of moving every 3-5 years or moving up to the Reg. or WA offices and so its just the mindset that you are led to for a career path within the FWS.

Ok, well, now that I’ve decided that I don’t need to do anything but check back once in a while with my satisfaction level, what do I spend all this freed up thinking time on as I move forward?

Me – I mean the physical and mental me – I have been seriously blasé and deliberately ambiguous toward health and self issues for the past 10 years. I was looking at some old photos of me and my family this last week and then came across a rather shocking photo of the me now and I do not recognize me now.

Is this completely weird? It made me realize that I’ve been so out of touch with myself that I haven’t even been looking in a mirror. Or doing a lot of other things that people do to just take care of themselves.

Not sure exactly how to approach this one because I don’t feel like I have a lot of tools or knowledge in this area.

Suggestions? Thanks for listening guys!



The Creative mastermind (group coaching) with Kelly was one of the best thing I have ever done in my business. Before meeting with Kelly I was lacking direction to where to take my business next.

My creative mojo was fizzling. Kelly provides inspiration, networking opportunities and challenges me to think about my business in new ways. I’d forgotten where my passions were and how I’d come to the place I was. It was essential to have outside eyes dissect my habits and focus my energy again.

Since first meeting with Kelly, my business became more successful than ever, thanks to a clear vision and new goals. I am excited again and ambitious about where I’m going. I plan to work with Kelly for a very long time and would recommend her to every entrepreneur.

I believe having other supportive entrepreneurs, such as Kelly and the members in my group, is the most important ingredient to keeping the forward momentum I need in my business. Thank you Kelly!

Megan Hagel, Illustrator & Product Designer

Illustrator of Jon and the Soggy Leaf with author Jackie Jenson , [MEMBER Creative Mastermind | Publishing Client]

Following my body compass is seriously the best advice I have gotten in a long time, Thank you! Now the trick is just listening and trusting it.


Music Industry Professional, [COACHING CLIENT]