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Janet Pratt 💃 Poet Author

Janet Pratt 💃 Poet Author


Writer. Poet. Teacher. Counselor.

Dancer-in-the-Kitchen. Mom. Grandma. Wife.

“I was putting this project together – 30 groovy women for 30 days – It just seemed logical to include my mom because … well she IS the person who made me who I am … there was one big wide open spot and … and it was Mother’s Day!
“Well, hello universe! I guess I know who I’m featuring on that day!”  – Kelly

Kelly Pratt, Founder of Athena Village interviews her Mom, Janet on Mothers Day 2020

04:23  Kelly and Janet talk about Lifelong friendships. Starting in junior high and lasting until today!

07:15  Janet tells about Marilyn (Mare) her friend from junior high challenging her in her 60s to learn to play the drums, playing with the Purple Pan People and doing gigs around the Lakes area.

11:36 What music stirs her soul.

13:00 Janet asks if she can say something about Kelly! eek! And talks about “mothering” styles.

I couldn’t choose just one so my Song’s are  “When you Wish Upon a Star” sung by “Jiminy Cricket” 😉
“Somewhere over the Rainbow”

And the entire Harry Nilsson album THE POINT… LOVE IT! (Great for kids!)

More about Janet:

Janet Pratt is a writer, poet, former high school English teacher and guidance counselor.  She retired to “the lakes” in her 60s and proceeded to join a steel drum band and started galavanting around the area doing gigs with her friends!

She raised 3 kids – Kelly is the oldest (and bossiest 😊) and often tries to “coach” her mom.  Kari, is the artist in the family and her youngest, Steven, is on the east coast and is an aircraft crew chief for Boeing .

She talks about herself and her husband as “the poet and the pilot.” Dick has been tinkering with airplanes, in one way or another all his life. He even remodeled their retirement home so he could re-build them in their basement. (Yes, the basement. That’s another story.) Janet has always been indulgent of Dick’ adventurous spirt… even when his adventures moved the family to a bayou in Mississippi to run a campground.  (Again, that’s another story.)

Janet is the extremely responsible oldest of 3 kids to a single mom. The first ever Homecoming Queen in Fargo North Dakota. A star tennis player. And the best mom ever.

She lives in Detroit lakes Minnesota with Dick, Abby the cat and go to lunch with their grand daughter Naomi every Friday – when they’re not sheltering-in-place. In between she’s working on her book – DANCING IN THE KITCHEN.

(ps.  this bio was written by me, Kelly Jane, Janet’s oldest daughter!)